FilOil San Juan: F2 Logistics vs Sta Lucia; Petron vs Cignal HD; PLDT Home Fibr vs Foton

“We still have to double and triple our effort. It really shows how vulnerable our team was during the game so we really have to reflect and assess,” said Velez, who is looking to guide the Tornadoes to their third PSL title.

“This second round is already the phase where all teams fight for a spot for the quarterfinals so if we want to be in a good position, we have to work hard for it.”

Foton Recovers To Win Against Sta Lucia

“We were looking for the right combination in the first part of the game that’s why we struggled a bit,” Foton head coach Aaron Velez said.

“I’m thankful that Marian stepped up and everybody was really committed to comeback and win this game.”

With Santiago at the helm, the Tornadoes waxed hot in the deciding frame with an 11-2 start to complete the huge comeback win that sent the Lady Realtors to their seventh consecutive loss.

“Our motivation is how to be accountable. We struggled in our passing at some point of the game. But they played with accountability and like there’s no tomorrow,” Velez added.

Bacoor STRIKE Gym: Foton vs Sta Lucia; Petron vs Generika-Ayala

Lifesavers coach Sherwin Meneses encourages his wards led by Angeli Araneta, Fiola Ceballos and Patty Orendain to be more confident against the Blaze Spikers, who have been dominating the league the past couple of weeks.

“They shouldn’t play with low morale because this is the first time that we finished third in the first round,” Meneses said. “Before we started slow but now is a good time to be confident.”

“We have to triple our effort against title contenders like Petron and F2 Logistics because we couldn’t even get a set against them. We’ll try again against Petron.”