Volleyball is the most popular participant sport in the world and also the most watched event in the Olympic games. In the Philippines, volleyball is the most popular sport for women. The Philippines aspires to be active in the international volleyball scene and to be a major player in the Southeast Asian region.
In the last 10 years there has been a huge decline in participation and the lack of local high-level competitions that is why Sportscore has organized the Philippine SuperLiga which is the first club volleyball league in the country. This league allows players to develop high-level skills in a local setting that conforms to the international standards of the sport. The PSL puts a premium on the advancement of a volleyball player to pursue the sport after college.

  • Assist in the development of competitive athletes for the national team
  • Discover new talents who will inspire the youth to ploy sport in the future
  • Create a club volleyball league that is fit for tv
  • Project a good image of volleyball in the country through Filipino talent and beauty
  • PSL is a complementing program to existing volleyball leagues like UAAP and NCAA as it aims to provide an “after college volleyball platform”

Having a club league that allows mature players with valuable contributions to volleyball is consistent with the sports-for-all philosophy of organizing club sports and drawing participation from all sectors thus making it more competitive to the country’s benefit.

The first PSL invitational in 2013 was envisioned to initially test the feasibility of a corporate backed league in preparation for the official start of the first conference (PSL open). A proven success, the PSL program remains a viable corporate tool that is able to realize business goals such as:

  • Reach consumers with corporate brand, products and services
  • Develop and enhance business-to-business relationship
  • Foster employee pride, respect and excitement by partnering with a successful sport and league
  • Opportunity to promote and enhance fitness and wellness through the practice of sports
  • Utilize team members in endorsements
  • Opportunity for a wide range of publicity and media exposure

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