Women’s Division Eliminations Review and Playoffs Preview

Now that the double elimination round is done and the teams have been sorted, it is time to look back on their performance and assess how they will do in the final two playdates of the 2014 Philippine SuperLiga Grand Prix and of the second season as a whole.

Petron (24 points, 8-2)

The Blaze Spikers lost two matches after sweeping the first round. But that’s done and dusted as they look ahead into the crucial part of the tournament on top of everybody else. They won both head-to-head tussles against Cignal and Lindsay Stalzer is not 100% going into the winner-take-all semis, so that’s a lot of factors going their way. All they need to do is get the business done on the court.

Generika (18 points, 7-3)

In contrast to Petron, the Lifesavers had a bad start but recovered in fashion as they have not been defeated since November 9. It would just go to waste if they lose to RC Cola-Air Force. If they pull this off and go all the way, I will start to believe that RDJ magic indeed exists.

RC Cola-Philippine Air Force (17 points, 5-5)

The Raiders’ rollercoaster ride is reflected by their 5-5 win-loss standing. Much more, they are also 1-1 against Generika. And I’m tempted to predict that they will finish the tourney with a 6-6 record, the order of which goes first, the victory or the loss, is up to them. How’s that for uniformity? Granted that coach Rhovyl Verayo has many options in his lineup, it doesn’t hurt if Iari Yongco is able to play on Final Four Friday.

Cignal HD(13 points, 4-6)

It seemed so long ago when in fact it was just early this month when the HD Spikers appeared to be an unstoppable force. Nevertheless, coach Sammy Acaylar is invoking the spirit of PSL Grand Prix past as he plans to repeat what he did last year. Honey Royse Tubino has to bare her fangs and show she is the alpha female she is destined to become.

Mane ‘n Tail (9 points, 3-7), Foton (9 points, 3-7)

Mane N Tail and Foton share a lot of commonalities aside from their identical records. Both are last minute entrants that made the most of what was given to them. Unfortunately, they fell short in their hunt for a playoff spot, but this consolation battle for fifth on Sunday is still an interesting match up as for sure the two camps will give it their all.