Cignal HD Wins Over Sta Lucia

“Our players did a good job, we are very pleased that everybody stepped up especially our second stringers,” said Cignal assistant coach Rico de Guzman, who called the shots for head coach Edgar Barroga.

“I told them (second stringers) not to doubt themselves because I believe in them and they did not disappoint.”

Filoil San Juan: Cignal HD vs Sta Lucia; Generika-Ayala vs Foton

Despite the winning streak, Foton head coach Aaron Velez still refused to get complacent, knowing that the second round will get even tougher.

“We’re satisfied, but we have a lot of things to do,” Velez said.

“We can’t be contended because there are still things that we have to work out as a group for us to win convincingly.”

F2 Logistics Sinks Struggling Sta Lucia

Sta. Lucia’s three points in the second set came from an ace by Andrea Marzan, a successful challenge by head coach Babes Castillo and an attack from skipper Pam Lastimosa.

“I was surprised. I didn’t expect that huge rout in the second set,” said F2 Logistics coach Ramil de Jesus, whose wards turned the second set into a virtual workout against the lowly, uninspired Lady Realtors.

“We didn’t have a service error in the second set and Sta. Lucia failed to pass the ball.”