2017 PSL Grand Prix Champion– F2 Logistics !

The Serbian Klisura was awarded as Best Scorer to join Perez, Hurley (1st Best Outside Spiker), Stalzer (2nd Best Outside Spiker), Mika Reyes (1st Best Middle Blocker), Majoy Baron (2nd Best Middle Blocker), Kim Fajardo (Best Setter), Jaja Santiago (Best Opposite), Kianna Dy (Best Opposite), Dawn Macandili (Best Libero) and Yuri Fukuda (2nd Best Libero) in the podium. “Actually, she’s nursing a broken heart after the passing of her older brother yesterday,” said F2 Logistics head coach Ramil de Jesus, admiring the professionalism of his Venezuelan reinforcement. “But she hardly showed any emotion. She played great and she led us to this victory.

F2 Logistics vs Petron Finals Culminates Today at 4pm MOA Arena

Petron coach Shaq Delos Santos admitted that pressure is now on them following a sorry loss in Game 2. Still, they have a one last chance to avert a massive collapse and win the title. “It’s not yet over,” said Delos Santos, who will bank anew on his seasoned crew led by Lindsay Stalzer, Hillary Hurley, Rhea Dimaculangan, Mika Reyes, Frances Molina and Aiza Maizo-Pontillas. “We learned a lot in Game 2. And we will absorb those lessons to get better and prepare for Game 3.”
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