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Kwai Tsing Hong Kong
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Kwai Tsing women’s volleyball team established in 1988 and it is known for their strong serve and tenacious defense in Hong Kong. Although the team average height is not prominent, the members demonstrate excellent teamwork. With high spirits and skillful strategies to fully maximize the strengths of each team members, Kwai Tsing women’s volleyball team has now enjoyed an exquisite reputation in the local league.

The team has won four titles in a row, namely the Hong Kong Volleyball league – Division A, Hong Kong Volleyball Open Marathon – Division A, The Hong Kong Games, Hong Kong districts Volleyball championships within a year. The team has also crowned themselves among the top 3 for five consecutive leagues which have once again proved their outstanding capability.

The key characteristic of this team is their teamwork. Through ups and downs, we showcased our support to one another. Determination is also another key of success. Constant exercises focused on strengthening our basic skills, defense and we value every small aspects of the practices to make effort counts.

Full Schedule and tickets

Check the full schedule here. All games will be at the Alonte Arena in Biñan, Laguna Philippines. Tickets are available at the gate, SM Tickets at any SM mall or online at

TV Schedule

All games will be live on AksyonTV. All games with Foton will also be live on TV5.