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Bayi Shenzhen China


Since Ba’yi shenzheng volleyball team establishment in 1951. It’s winning honor for the country and army. The principles of strict management and rigid training, Ba’yi shenzheng volleyball team has cultivated its unique fighting style and remarkable tactical skills which has achieved success and has been widely renowned at domestic and overseas.

Ba’yi shenzheng volleyball team has been a strong contingent with a long history with awards of 30 championship, 26 silver medals and 19 bronze medals in domestic major competitions, it has cultivated and transported more than 50 excellent athletes and coaches to national volleyball team, especially the world champion like Yang xi、Chen Zhaodi、Cao huiying、Yang xilan、Li yanjun、Wang lina、Zhao ruirui、Song nina、Shen jingsi、Yang junjing、Yuan xinyue、Liu yanhan who have won the world championships for the national volleyball team and have contributed a lot to maintain their five consecutive successive championship.

For the recent years, Ba’yi shenzhen volleyball team has kept advanced results at domestic battlefield. Currently, there are 7 players including Shen jingsi、Yang junjing、Liu congcong、Liu yanhan、Wang qi、Huang liuyan、Yuan xinyue are working for national youth team and national junior team respectively. Up to now, 18 participants are 20 years old on average with the eldest at 26 years old and the youngest at 17 years old. Their average height is 187.5cm with the highest of 199cm.

Through practical and solid efforts, Ba’yi shenzhen volleyball team will making more achievements with adventuring spirit and strict requirements on the new journey.

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Check the full schedule here. All games will be at the Alonte Arena in Biñan, Laguna Philippines. Tickets are available at the gate, SM Tickets at any SM mall or online at

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All games will be live on AksyonTV. All games with Foton will also be live on TV5.