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2017 Schedule

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Kobe Shinwa Debuts Against Foton

“In behalf of the university, I’d like to extend my gratitude to PSL president Ramon Suzara and everyone who prepare for this wonderful and successful event. We are so honored to be part of this tournament.” Kobe Shinwa team captain Chichiro Fujiwara said they will bring their A-game against Foton, Cignal and Petron to boost their preparation in their collegiate league. “We expect that we can learn a lot from these top three teams,” said Fujiwara during the press briefing yesterday. “With that, I think we can fight well in our upcoming college tournament in Japan this April. We hope to use this experience to win the title in our college league.”

Locals Have Not Yet Scouted Japanese Kobe Shinwa Women’s University Team

“All I know is that they play the Japanese brand of volleyball to perfection,” said Pascua who called the shots for Petron when they tangled with Japanese powerhouse Hisamitsu Springs at the AVC Asian Women’s Club Championship in Phu Ly, Vietnam in 2015. “Other than that, we have no idea on how they play. We tried looking for any available videos online but we can’t get anything. I guess we’ll just work on the scouting when they arrive here on Tuesday.”

Japanese Squad Kobe Shinwa Versus Foton, Cignal And Petron

“This team is one of the best university teams in Japan,” said PSL president Ramon “Tats” Suzara, who enjoys good working relationship with his Japanese counterparts for being a ranking member of the Asian Volleyball Confederation and the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB). “As we know, Japanese volleyball players are not the tallest or the strongest but they are the fastest and most disciplined. I hope we could absorb those traits and use it when we compete in the AVC Asian Senior Women’s Championship and the SEA Games this August.”

Petron, Cignal, Foton and Kobe Shinwa University Move to Finals

“I’m glad that we pulled it off,” said Petron coach Shaq Delos Santos, noting that their sluggish reception in the second set doomed their chances of finishing the job in straight sets. “We struggled in the second set. Our first ball collapsed. We lost our receptions. That’s why we failed to create combination attacks. Fortunately, we were able to resolve this problem in the third set.”
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