2017 Chooks-to-Go PSL Grand Prix

1st Place F2 Logistics
2nd Place Petron
3rd Place Foton
4th Place Cocolife

Individual Awards

1st Best Outside Spiker – Hillary Hurley (Petron)
2nd Best Outside Spiker – Lindsay Stalzer (Petron)
1st Best Middle Blocker – Mika Reyes (Petron)
2nd Best Middle Blocker – Majoy Baron (F2 Logistics)
Best Setter – Kim Fajardo (F2 Logistics)
1st Best Opposite Spiker – Jaja Santiago (Foton)
2nd Best Opposite Spiker – Kim Kianna Dy (F2 Logistics)
1st Best Libero – Dawn Macandili (F2 Logistics)
2nd Best Libero – Yuri Fukuda (Petron)
Best Scorer (41 points, highest ever in PSL) – Sara Klisura (Foton)
MVP of the Season – Maria Jose Perez (F2 Logistics)

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